Enduring, let’s appreciate rolex datejust 116231 watches

16Rolex is the famous watch making brand in the world, no matter in appearance or quality. Today, I will introduce a datejust replica diamond rolex watches for you: This watch is the hot selling type in the rolex family and the official model is 116231.

All of the oyster datejust has strong recognition rate. The succinct Sweep Second Hand design, Triangle grooved lines watch bezel and at the sapphire crystal glass watch mirror with a calendar display window, all of these designs make this watch looks more fashion and popular.

The crown is covered with 18k rose gold; these materials can not only make sure the beautiful, but also highlighted the practical. The litter crown design show the Rolex grasps the details and pursue excellent.

Behind the watch back has a circle of Gear shaped lines that smooth and delicate, make the wearer feel comfortable when they wearing this diamond rolex replica watch. The diameter of this watches in not large so it’s very easy to rein.

The steel match with 18k rose gold is very perfect, not only can show the luxury and elegant, but also display its practical and durability.

The watch ear is very short, in order to match with the flexibility of the watchband, the watch ear just like a part of the watch chain.

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Monday, February 27, 2017


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Monday, February 27, 2017